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Acoustic Ecologies

Projects looking at natural and industrial soundscapes ​and their affect on human perception. All places of filming are first chosen by a process I call 'shooting with the ears', for their acoustics, before the visuals are sought out. It is recommended that you spend at least a couple of minutes with each video and imagine long term exposure to these given sound environments.

Between Bridges. 2011

3 x 4'33" Audio Visual panels

size dimensions variable

An urban triptych looking at the complex and multi layered sound scapes in central Shanghai.


Between Bridges 1

Between Bridges 2

Between Bridges 3

Sounds of Homes

Installation. 3 channel video projection. Surround Sound.

A collaboration with Shane Fahey and Tegan Northwood. 

An extensive topographical survey with ecological concerns, looking at the changing natural habitats of Kioloa National Park in Australia, as explored through one woman's personal history.

A Place to Rest. 2010 - 2012

3 x 4'33" Audio Visual panels

size dimensions variable

Looking at intense soundscapes in domestic environments. 


This Window's got a View, too.

Filmed in Shaghai, China, 2010

Laneway Balconies

Filmed in Brooklyn, New York, 2012

Tepee Hubbub

Filmed in Xilitla, Mexico, 2012

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