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August 15, 2014

This week, I performed the intentions that are currently relevant to me at Ufer studios in Berlin as a part of the Transart summer residency, in a workshop on Archive and The Document to a group of about 20 or so other artists. I sat on a small brown armchair low to the ground with my legs crossed. In one hand I held a pile of ripped up pieces of note paper, and in the other I held a pair of barbers scissors. I would read the intentions out, and periodically, when the feeling took me, I would cut a piece of hair, and place it in a pile in front of me. The performance script is below. 



I intend not to dump on my flatmate over breakfast.


I intend to do at least an hour of meditation every day.


I intend to do yoga every morning.


I intend to keep on top of my accounts and quarterly taxes.


I intend to write those four letters. 


I intend to get the flat tyre on the bike I borrowed fixed.


I intend to replace the bananas I ate.


I intend to fall in love and have a family.


I intend to lose...

August 2, 2014


performance, duration 1 hour.

A collaboration between Honi Ryan and Abdullah Khan. 

Somos Art Gallery, Kotbusser Damm 95, Neukoelln, Berlin.

6-9pm August 2nd, 2014 



Two artists sit opposite each other and form an unspoken connection.


Periodically they write their thoughts on cards, and stack them on top of each other.


After an hour, the narrative is woven together in order for all to read,


uncovering a sequence of not-known connections.







Focus or out of


a stream of wind


What constitutes you? Is it your eyes?

it’s a matter of depth!


turned a circle around impermanently


Forehead scars or marks.

That makes two of us. 


Now we’re being watched


diagonally from left to right


break through the form


what might will be


might sound crazy but I know your smell already.


worship exchange


A dragon’s tail dipped in the ocean


to laugh


How does one not see abode body?

How do you look past a body → through.

How does one make you more than that


And all of a sudden you are no longer your body.


a d...

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