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A solo exhibition at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, City Gallery from March 7 - May the fourth 2014. INSTANCE was an  exhibition  of  recent  works  and performances  using  the  domestic  environment  as  a  catalyst  for exploration. Elements  of home were recreated in  the gallery  with  audiovisual  sculptures  that  question  the  notion  of  progress  as  advancement  through  the  accumulation  of  objects  and ideas, suggesting  that  time  may  be  circular.


Performances also occurred within the installation, and along side the exhibition in 'real' domestic space. These  works  and  social  sculptures  are referred  to  in the gallery  as  the  provocation  of  an  idea  or  premise  for an  event as  text  pieces that invite  the audience to  complete  the  work  themselves  by  imagining  what  they would  do  in  the  stated  situations.  These  social  encounters  were offered as interactive  experiences  and  conversations both with and without the artist in attendance, in both the gllery and the home.


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