Hybrid Theatre, 2011 - 2012


A SIlent DInner Party is a regular dinner party except the guests are requested

Please do not use words or your voice

Please don't read or write

Try to make as little noise as possible

Don't interact with technology

Stay with it for at least 2 hours.

28 SDPs have been held in 8 countries. They propel us into the moment and offer a chance for us to connect in real space amidst a world mediated by words and images, at once highlighting cultural differences and revealing a base humanity. They offer the participants a chance to strip quick judgements and shuffle social hierarchies as being without words really does alleviate a major part of our cultural identity.

And most commonly, they are a grand silent giggle! Go to the SDP website here.


Public Interventions, 2005 - 2006.

Stadt Teaser / City Spoiler

Public Interventions, 2006

Knick Knock

Video Performance, Living Memory, 2008

A Conversational Quadrant
A Conversational Quadrant

Recent Performance 2 hour conversational performance 4 people in domestic space, Berlin 2013

A Conversational Quadrant 1
​​Performance. Berlin 2013
2 hour conversation in domestic space


Melody Panosian

Rory Brown

Nina Birri

A conversational Quadrant 2
A conversational Quadrant 2

4 half hour conversations over 4 hours with cultural anthropologist Benjamin Ja Matthews focusing in the nature of collaboration and the the act of thinking through speaking.

A Conversational Quadrant 2
​​Performance. Blue Mountains 2014


Benjamin J Matthews

4 half hour conversations over 4 hours focusing on the nature of collaboration and the act of thinking through speaking. A part of a group show called Interregnum, with Modern Arts Projects that looks at curatng contemporary art into unique domestic architecture.


Stoop to Yarn
Stoop to Yarn

Performance, Social Sculpture and Public Interventions