MFA, Master of Fine Art in Creative Practice, 

Transart Institute for Creative Research.

Berlin and New York, with Plymouth university UK, 2015.

Read Masters dissertation here.

BVA, Bachelor Visual Art in Media Arts, hons class I and the University Medal.

Sydney College of the Arts,

The University of Sydney, 2007.

Read Honours dissertation here.

International Placement
Exchange program, 12 month placeme

Cologne International School of Design,
Germany. 2006/7


English - native.

German - intermediate.

French - beginner.


Residencies and Symposia.
2017 Oct - Nov. Residency, VASL Artists Association, Karachi Biennale Artist in Residence, Pakistan. 

2016 Oct - Dec. Residency, 'URBANITIES: Art in public spaces in Pakistan'. Lahore Biennale Foundation 

2016 Dec. Symposium - Panel with international Urbanists and Artists, 'URBANITIES' Lahore Biennale Foundation and the Goethe-Institut

2016 February. Residency, 'Silence Awareness Existence' Arteles Creative Centre, Finland. 

2015 September. Symposium. 'Next To Nothing - Art as Performance' Symposium. Newcastle University, Australia.

2015 Feb: Residency, 'Strange Embrace' Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives with Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Australia.

2015 Feb: Symposium 'Toward a New Bohemia' creative salon and think tank, Dixon Place Theatre, Manhattan, New York, US. 

2015 Jan: Residency, 'Transart' at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Manhattan, NY, US. 

2014 Dec: Symposium 'Project Anywhere' symposium on 'Art at the outermost limits of location specificity' Parsons New School, NY, US.

2014 Oct/Nov: Residency 'Elsewhere Living Museum' Greensboro, NC, US.

2014 Sept: Residency 'Cittadellarte - centre for art and responsible social transformation', Biella, Italy. 

2013 Mar: Presentation 'Food and Consciousness' Artist talk with Sydney Evolver Spore, Alpha House, Sydney.

2013 Dec: Residency, 'Transart' Brooklyn Writers Centre, New York, US.

2013 to 2015: July- Aug: Transart MFA Residencies. Berlin.

2010 - 2011 : Resident Visual Artist. Endgame Records / Megaphon Studios. Sydney, Australia.


2018 - Publication 'Walking Presence' Article. Interartive Journal for Contemporary Art and Thought, issue #100 ISSN 2013-679X (forthcoming)

2018 - Publication 'We Walk Lahore' Artist Book. Meyer, S.D. (ed) Goethe Institut, 2017. ISBN: 9789699697012 Available here. 

2017 - Publication 'The Silent Dinners: 3 Cities' Artist Book. Herman B. Mendolicchio (ed) Goethe-Institut and Hedonics Creative. Available here

2015 Publication. 'Mindful Encounters - Field notes' Article in ANYWHERE journal for art and research

2014  Publication ‘INSTANCE: An Exhibition of Recent Works and Performances’ Exhibition Catalogue, Hedonics Creative, Ryan, H. (ed)

ISBN- 978-0-9924376-0-2, 2014 Available here. 

2014 Sept: Publication. Article and photo essay 'Silent Dinner Parties' in ELSE International Journal of Art, Literature, Theory.

Professional Experience.
2019 Aug-Sept Artist in Residence and Researcher/Lecturer
Newcastle University and The LockUp Contemporary Art Space. Australia.
Visiting Artist ​in the School of Creative Industries. 
2018--Current Director of Public Outreach and Researcher
Project Anywhere: Art at the outermost limits of location specificity. Global. 
Global, blind peer reviewed exhibition of creative projects occurring outside of traditional exhibition circuits. Biennial conference and publication. Director of artist communications and publicity.
2018--Current Board Member and Pedagogic Programs Developer
Nothing New Arts. Berlin/Karachi/Paris/Sydney
Arts organisation exploring notions of newness in culture through performance, exhibitions, publications. Creative Academy hosting courses, workshops and excursions in embedding creative processes into daily life practice and foreign language acquisition.

2018--Current. Creativity Coach and Artistic Consultant

h e d o n i c s    c r e a t i v e
Working with professionals and entrepreneurs with 1--1 and group coaching.

2015-2017 Adjunct Faculty and Advisor
Transart Institute for Creative Research. Berlin/NY
Graduate Education in Creative Practice and Artistic Research. International low-residency MFA and Doctoral programs.
Student Advisor, Event Project Manager, Online Publishing coordinator and editor. 
2016 Adjunct Faculty
National College of Art, Lahore.
Fine Arts and Media Arts Departments. 
2016 Visiting Artist
Beacon House University, Lahore. 
Fine Art Department. 
2015 June: Visiting artist and project facilitator. 
Warmun Indigenous Art Centre. Gija country, East Kimberley, Western Australia.
Technical and conceptual development and collaborative production of a project based on natural disasters in a remote Aboriginal community. Preparation of artworks for touring exhibition Everything Man Makes Can Be Destroyed. 
2009 Visiting Artist
Newcastle University, Australia.
Department of Interdisciplinary Art.

​2007 - Experiential Design Consultant
Red Earth Bar.

Think tank for new gastronomy environment involving Chinese, German and Australian collaborations.

Shanghai​, China. 


2005 – 2018. Creative Director / Managing Director

h e d o n i c s    c r e a t i v e
Boutique production house specialising in still and motion image, photography and design and events for Theatre, Music, Fashion and Art. 

​2003 - 2006 - Gallery Director and Curator

Hedonics Window Gallery.

Sydney, Australia

​2002 - 2008 - Production Designer and Costume Designer

Various Film and Television productions. 

Exhibitions, Performances and Projects

2018 May: 'Photos Not Taken (here)' Text installation in the rainforest, Sculpture at Scenic World, Katoomba, AU. Collaboration with Abi Tariq

2018 May: 'New Gravity'  Text Installation.  sculpture Otherwise. Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, AU. Collaboration with Abi Tariq. 

2017 Nov: 'Silent Dinner' 103 Participants. Karachi Biennale, Pakistan. Curated by Amin Gulgee. 

2017 June-July: 'This is a State of Emergency' Public Performances and Installation. Gallerie L'inlassable, Paris. Collaboration with Abi Tariq. Curated by Gabriel Hensche. 

2016 Dec: 'URBANITIES' exhibition. Alhamra Centre for Contemporary Art Lahore. Curated by Sara Duana Meyer. 

2016 Dec: 'Silent Dinner' Lahore. 60 Participants. With the Lahore Biennale foundation and the Goethe Institute, Pakistan.

2016 Nov: 'Walking Presence' - Social Performance, 20 participants. With the Lahore Biennale foundation, Pakistan. 

2016 Nov: 'Footpath Feasibilities' Public Intervention, with OCCO Urban Design think tank, Lahore Pakistan. 

2016 July: 'SpaceBodies II' group performance art exhibition. UFER STUDIOS Berlin. Curated by Andrea Spaziani.

2016 Jan: 'SpaceBodies I' group performance art exhibition. Judson Gym, Manhattan. New York. Curated by Andrea Spaziani.


2015-16 Nov - Jan: 'Utopian Tomorrow' group exhibition. Goethe Institute, Barcelona, Spain. Curated by Herman Mendolicchio.  

2015 Aug: 'Transient Transgressions' MFA grduation exhibition. SomoS Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2015 July: 'Loose Affairs' Group exhibition. SomoS Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2015 May - July: 'Strange Embrace' group exhibition. Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Australia. Curated by Rilka Oakley.


2014 Nov: 'Silent Dinner Party' at Elsewhere Living Museum, Greensboro, NC, US

2014 Mar - May: 'Stoop to Yarn'. 5 x 2hr conversational performances, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Katoomba, Australia. 

2014 April 1-7: 'The Passage of Water' an ecological pilgrimage. Social Sculpture. Los Angeles, Cal, US.

2014 Mar-Apr : 'INSTANCE'. Solo exhibition. Blue Mountains City Art Gallery, Katoomba, Australia. catalogue. Curated by Sarah Gurich. 

2014 Feb 2: 'A Conversational Quadrant 2'. 4 x 1/2hr social performances with Modern Arts Projects (MAP) Aus. Curated by Lizzy Marshall.


2013/14: 'Mindful Encounters' 4 x 16hr collaborative social performances in the US, Australia and the UK. 


2013 Sept: 'A Conversational Quadrant 1'. 2hr social performance in domestic space, Berlin.

2013 Sept 9-24: 'Fleeting Fears'. Durational Performance with peace intentions. Private Space, Berlin.

2013 June : Time ~ a token of constancy. Live AV colaboration. International Symposium of Electronic Art, ISEA Sydney

2013 July: 'Open Frame'. Group Exhibit. Supermarkt Creative Resource Centre, Berlin.

2013 Mar : Silent Dinner Parties, Booked out season, Private Houses, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia


2012 Jan - Dec : Exhibition in Project Anywhere. Art at the outermost limits of location specificity. World Wide Web.

2012 Oct : 'Silent Dinners'. 90 Participants, 3 events. Private House, Carlton, Melbourne.

2012 Sept : 'Thyme' Old 505 Theatre, Surry Hills. Sydney, Fringe Festival.

2012 Aug : 'Silent Dinner' Private house, Colonia Condesa, Mexico City.

2012 Aug : Live Projections with Quatro Gangsters 4 (Band). Club Atlantico, el Centro, Mexico City.

2012 July : 'Haircheckpoint' Interventions on Public Transport, New York, NY.

2012 Aug :'Silent Dinner' 50 Participants. Splatterpool Artspace, Brooklyn, New York.

2012 May. 'Sea of Peace' Live AV performance, Paddington Uniting Church, Sydney.

2012 Mar : 'Lahara' Holden Street Theatres, Adelaide Town Hall. Adelaide.

2012 Mar : 'Silent Dinners'. 120 participants, 4 events. Private House, Adelaide.

2012 Feb : 'Silent Dinner' 20 participants. Private house, The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2012 Jan : 'Silent Dinner' 45 participants, Zico house artists residence, Beirut, Lebanon.

2011 Dec : 'Lahara' Peats Ridge Festival, Glenworth Valley, Australia. 

2011 Nov : 'Lahara' Red Rattler Theatre, Sydney, Australia.

2011 Sept : 'Lahara' Old 505 Theatre, Sydney, Australia.

2011 June : 'Normality Project' Part 2. Medical Clinics, Surry HIlls, Sydney, Australia.

2011 Jan : 'Silent Dinner Party' Private House, French quarter, Shanghai, China.

2011 Jan : 'Live Projections / VJ' with the The Ponies (AV collective), club DADA, Shanghai, China.

2011 : 'Live Projections / VJ' with Master of Ribongia (electronic musician)

          6 performances, various festivals and clubs in Australia.

2010 - 2011 : Resident VJ in collaboration with VJ:JAX for Low Society Dubstep collective.

                   10 performances, Various venues, Sydney Australia. 

2010 Nov : 'Sounds of Homes' Hardware Gallery, Enmore, Sydney.

2010 Sept : 'Sounds of homes' Installation at Woolongong City Gallery, Australia.

2010 Sept : 'Sounds of homes' Live AV evening at Woolongong City Gallery, Australia 

2010 Jun : 'Live Projections / VJ' Sagacious Arts Orchestra, Jazz Octet. Paddington, Sydney, Australia.

2010 : 'Club VJ' The Frequency Lab, electronic musc label, 4 performances​ Sydney, Australia.

2010 Apr : 'Voicemail' Group Exhibition, Syd Non Objective Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

2010 Apr : 'Silent Dinner' 15 participants. Private House, Jing'An, Shaghai, China.

2009 Mar : 'Silent Dinner'. 8 participants. Restaurant, NanTong, China.

2009 - 2010. Normality Project part 1. Conversational performances. The throws of everyday life.

2009 Sept/Oct : 'Lightworks' Art and About Festival, exhibition and residency, Darlinghurst, Sydney.

2009 Nov : 'Scavenger X' Installation. High and Dry Festival, Sydney, Australia. 

2009 May : Awkward Conversation. Single Origin Cafe, Surry Hills, Sydney.

2009 May : 'Augur' Creative Sydney Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia.

​2009 Apr: 'Pulptry, Sculptural Poetry' 

2009 Feb : 'Stick 'em Up' Group Exhibition, The Wall, Kings Cross, Sydney Australia.

2008 May : Ring Ring. Group exhibition, Breathing Colours Gallery, Balmain.

2008 Dec: 'Pulptry, Sculptural Poetry' Performances and installation, Peats Ridge Festival, Australia. 

2007 June - Sept : 'Silent Dinners' 15 participants, 3 performances in Sydney, Australia.

2007 Mar : 'Silent DInner' 4 participants. Private House. Cologne, Germany

2006 - 2007. Europe. Haircheckpoint #2 - #17. Interventions in public squares and on transport.

2006 Dec : 'Rooftop' with Alec Crichton Odonien Free state for art & Culture, Cologne, Germany.

2006 June : 'Stadt Teaser / City Spoiler' Public interventions, Cologne, Germany.

2006 June : 'Alien Presence H' Group Exhibition. First Draft Gallery, Sydney, Australia. Curated by Danial Kojta. 

2006 May : 'Little Wishes' installation. With UNICEF and the Art Wagon, Triangle Tower, Cologne, Germany.

2005 and 2007 Nov : Sydney College of the Arts, graduation exhibitions.

2005 Feb : 'Haircheckpoint' installation. hedonics gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney.

2003 Dec : Metal Skin. solo exhibition, hedonics gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney.



Awards and Scholarships

Transart Achievement Award, 2017. 

URBANITIES stipendium, Goethe Institut, 2016

Arteles Residency Grant, Finland, 2015.


Tour Ready Award, Sydney and NZ Fringe Festival, 2015/6


Transart Merit Scholarship, 2013-15

Art and About Sydney, Australia Council grant, 2009.

University Medal, The University of Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts, 2007.

Zelda Stedman Traveling Artist scholarship, 2006.

Sydney University international travel scholarship, 2006.

Sydney University, Union Broadcasting Society award for Best Production Design, 2002.

Inclusion in 'Encore': matriculation exhibition for excellence in theatrical design.




Publications about the artist
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