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Time ~ A Token of Constancy

Tonight I performed at the International Symosium of Electronic Art (ISEA) at Sydney's ABC studios. It's a piece called Time ~ A Token of Constancy and is a collaboration under the creative direction of sound artist Shane Fahey, with horologist Evan Carr and engineer David Carr, and me on all things visual. We had live clocks going nuts n the space, being captured, mixed and mashed up, sound responsive video being triggered and projected onto a drum, some huge light globes, and a lot of ticking! We performed as a part of the Polysonics line up, curated by Alessio Cavallaro. I really enjoyed it, and some of the other works on were amazing too, especially Compositions for Involuntary Strings by Michaela Davies

#thisportableartlifestudio #livevideo #avperformance #time #horology #aloveaffairwithlight

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