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September 6, 2015


Sydney Fringe Festival's keynote closing event,

September 26, 2015!



The Sydney Fringe Festival's keynote closing event this year is a HUGE silent dinner party at Marrickville Town Hall! It's going to be the biggest SDP to date with over 350 seats available, so if you've ever wanted to come to one, or would love to again, join us there on Sept 26th!


We have teamed up with incredible Sydney boutique chefs Studio NEON for a seasonal banquet to delight the senses and add to the intrigue of the evening. 


To reserve your seats, or volunteer on the night, click here.




August 2, 2015

As a part of Transient Transgressions exhibition in Berlin in August 2015 (see post below), I held a conversational performance to bring awareness to the process of ingesting, digesting, and excreting art--we talked over the preparation of a raw beetroot salad, ate the salad in the gallery, and watched it paint our poo purple the next day!















August 1, 2015

My International MFA in Creative Practice, Graduation Event



Kottbusser Damm 95, 10976 Berlin, Germany

August 1st—2nd, 2015.


Exhibition, Performances, Screenings


Aug 1st- Saturday



Aug 2nd Sunday

10-4pm Screenings from 19:00-21:00 




Transient Transgressions. 


Fifteen artists from six countries have come together every six months for the past two years to collaborate, exchange, develop, discover, fail, make, be and share. These artists have been each other’s sounding boards in an intense and stimulating sequence of residencies in Berlin and New York.


Transient Transgressions is representative of the process they shared along the way — unpredictable, eclectic and sometimes anarchic, but always fleeting and cooperative, they bring this transient process into the gallery for a two day continual event at Somos Gallery in Berlin in August, 2015.


The practitioners are a diverse group working with expanded ideas of creative practice, from 2D 3D & 4D to noD and OD realms— something, an...

July 26, 2015

Tonight I am showing new work in a group show 'Loose Affairs' at SomoS gallery, in Kreuzberg, Berlin. It is a collaborative AV performance with Abi Tariq made in the remote area of the Kimberley in Western Australia, responding to our month long residnecy working with indigenous artists there. 



SOMOS PROJECT SPACE Kottbusser Damm 95, 1st floor, Berlin

SUNDAY, JULY 26TH, 2015 19:00-21:00



May 1, 2015

A way to read everyday objects as art (or how to write a critical essay). *


1. Approach any object (or site) holding a cultural theory text.


2. Stand next to the object and flip the text open, choose a passage at random. 3. Read the passage referring it’s meaning to the object.


4. Take a photo of the object.


5. Publish them alongside each other, citing your references.

This set of guidelines were performed with a collaborator George Shaw and myself as a part of the mindful encounters series, after which George commented that ‘the objects had an uncanny way of being relevant every time’20.


* The idea was developed in the aftermath of a collaborative performance with Abi Tariq at the 31st São Paulo biennale, October 2014. That piece was called Act of being; active reading/writing wherein a similar approach to random reading was employed. 




March 23, 2015

Along the Well is a participatory walking perforrmance that I created at the Woodford Academy Museum, the oldest surviving building in The Blue Mountains, Australia on March 21st 2015. In single file, we followed the natural water source, out the back to the line along the rock, around the unmarked graveyard, along the dried up creek, past the second spring, and back again in a circle. It was a day of ritual with 50 or so of us acknowledging together the presence of water on the site as its necessity to mankind for all time. 







March 18, 2015

Curated by Sarah Breen Lovett, ‘Palimpsest Performances’ is a series that explores contemporary art performance, as a way of simultaneously drawing forth the past and layering present interpretations of the unique architecture and grounds of the Woodford Academy.  Palimpsest Performance #2 by contemporary artists Ben Denham and Honi Ryan are two separate but intertwined performances, both explore the land and its resources as communication device. Through an examination of walking as art practice Honi Ryan communes with the site, exploring and revealing its traces and history as a navigation tool. While Ben Denham's performance uses water from the land to create sound instruments which are calibrated to the geometries of site. Ben Denham  grew up in the Blue Mountains and studied visual arts at the University of Western Sydney. He works with performance video and make machines that engage different parts of the body in the process of drawing and writing. Honi Ryan is an interdisciplina...

March 7, 2015

Tomorrow I go into a ten day meditation. No talking and no technology. At least ten hours a day sitting still. I can't wait. For me, this is true studio time! I have heard it said that you can spend hours and hours making and remaking something until it is the way you want it, or you can spend hours and hours thinking about something until you know just how you want it to be. Many ideas of mine emerge from my mind completely formed, considered and polished. Meditations such as the one I am about to embark upon are time for me to return to a calm mind-body place, and make space for the next thing to emerge. 

February 28, 2015

I have been on a week long residency at Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatvies (BigCi) in rural Australia developing work around the theme of Strange Embrace for the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre (BMCC). Working with 4 other inspiring artists: Cath Barcan, Anne Graham, Astra Howard, and Daniel Kojta, we created a warm and collaborative environment in the serene nature right on the edge of  Wollemi National Park. The next stages of this project will be some collaborative action research in the gallery and in the public, culminating in a group show opening at the BMCC city gallery onMay 29th, 2015. 


My individual practice there was to explore the theme of Intimacy over Distance, and how we can feel through technology. I created a water drawing as a process ritual, which I then learned is an activity done in public parks in China, and an ancient Zen buddhist gesture. I am astonished at how many of the things that I do with my body intuitively a...

February 7, 2015

I am presenting work this week at a creative salon in Manhattan around the theme of a new bohemia looking at radical new intimacies in a post digital state.


For the last decade or so I have been working with a nomadic social practice that grew in response to it’s formation along side the emergence of the digital age. Moving around a lot, many of my meaningful relationships have been maintained online. In response to this I work with unmediated human interaction as my medium, placing the work in the space between people by building human relationships as sculptures, and approaching mindfulness as creative practice.  


We have found ourselves in a situation where the necessities communication can now be taken care of digitally, which, to my mind, opens up the real-space encounter for redefinition. As it is when anything becomes obsolete, it becomes available to unprecedented experimentation, since it’s utility function taken care of. 


This makes it a super exciting time for human to...

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