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Notes on Not-Knowing

performance, duration 1 hour.

A collaboration between Honi Ryan and Abdullah Khan.

Somos Art Gallery, Kotbusser Damm 95, Neukoelln, Berlin.

6-9pm August 2nd, 2014

Two artists sit opposite each other and form an unspoken connection.

Periodically they write their thoughts on cards, and stack them on top of each other.

After an hour, the narrative is woven together in order for all to read,

uncovering a sequence of not-known connections.


notes of not-knowing_1.JPG

Focus or out of

a stream of wind

What constitutes you? Is it your eyes?

it’s a matter of depth!

turned a circle around impermanently

Forehead scars or marks.

That makes two of us.

Now we’re being watched

diagonally from left to right

break through the form

what might will be

might sound crazy but I know your smell already.

worship exchange

A dragon’s tail dipped in the ocean

to laugh

How does one not see abode body?

How do you look past a body → through.

How does one make you more than that

And all of a sudden you are no longer your body.

a drip to walk into the past

Alright - that really was Amy!

haha! I we love Amy.

move into interruption

as the bottom falls out in a fuzz

in a phase of blurry edges -

nothing below


another drip drops

A flicker of sadness

A flicker of death.

a dark imbalance switches sides

Oh! Yes! Of course!


surrender in

Telepathy in the ears

not necessarily in the eyes.

reverse a cycle of years fallen.

To let you be in your body - to not pull you out of it.

remains present in all parts at once

It’s been nice knowing you.

loosing the edges

a present

past future

proportionately shifting


when it breaks run with it.

you make the call.

close in around

have my eyes

an expression through foreign glass.

I switched three times and you not once.

I can be with you in silence

slide through and pop

the fascination of youth to return

where it began I saw the man

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