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Archival Alchemy

This week, I performed the intentions that are currently relevant to me at Ufer studios in Berlin as a part of the Transart summer residency, in a workshop on Archive and The Document to a group of about 20 or so other artists. I sat on a small brown armchair low to the ground with my legs crossed. In one hand I held a pile of ripped up pieces of note paper, and in the other I held a pair of barbers scissors. I would read the intentions out, and periodically, when the feeling took me, I would cut a piece of hair, and place it in a pile in front of me. The performance script is below.


I intend not to dump on my flatmate over breakfast.

I intend to do at least an hour of meditation every day.

I intend to do yoga every morning.

I intend to keep on top of my accounts and quarterly taxes.

I intend to write those four letters.

I intend to get the flat tyre on the bike I borrowed fixed.

I intend to replace the bananas I ate.

I intend to fall in love and have a family.

I intend to lose 1/8 of my body weight.

I intend to nurture a daily writing practice.

I intend to update my website.

I intend to turn green waste into compost.

I intend to fertilise the garden bi-annually.

I intend to grow my own veggies.

I intend to be kind to absolutely every person I meet.

I intend to own less things.

I intend to sleep outdoors.