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Walking The Third Paradise

My walking practice while on residency at Cittadellarte culminated in this video. The space was an abandoned factory by the river in the village of Biella, in the north of Italy.

At Cittadellarte, the underlying philosophy of the new social order is based on the Third Paradise. It is an ideology written by the founder Michelangelo Pistoletto. The philosophy states:

“It is the merging of the first and second paradise. The first is the paradise in which life on earth is totally governed by nature. The second is the artificial paradise, developed by human intelligence through a process that is polluting, infecting and corroding the natural planet at an exponential rate, spawning irreversible processes of extinction."

-Michelangeo Pistoletto

The symbol looks like this:


There was a lot of talk of third spaces, like the third sector being the voluntary part of the economy, and the general creation of a new place for us to exist in, a ‘third’ place. It’s an interesting thought as normally I think art should inhabit existing places, and transform them from within, but perhaps this is the same process?

I walked this shape through many of the large empty space in and around Cittadelarte and Biella.

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