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Act of Being, active reading/writing.

Abi Tariq and Honi Ryan

Act of being; active reading/writing.

31a Bienal De Arte De São Paulo, Brazil.

exhibition area C. 5:15pm October 12th, 2014.

Perpendicular Bienal performance #4

Act of Being Active Reading Writing Image.JPG

Two people walk through the exhibition space of the 31a bienal of São Paulo. One is reading aloud from a book, turning the pages rapidly and speaking fragmented sections of the text interspersed with words, sentences and ideas that are read from the surrounding works. Walking side by side, the other person writes down things that stand out, creating yet another generation of meaning, as they consider the words arbitrary relationship to the space and it’s contents. This piece was devised as an invisible performance, as we were no longer permitted to perform in the exhibition we built this performance to go unnoticed by security staff.

Below is the text that was developed as a result of the performance.

Act of being; active reading:writing 1.jpg
Act of being; active reading:writing 2.jpg
Act of being; active reading:writing 3.jpg
Act of being; active reading:writing 4.jpg

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